Head of City Payroll Office Resigns

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The head of the office that oversees the troubled CityTime payroll system has resigned, effective December 31.

Joel Bondy was the executive director of the city's Office of Payroll Administration. He was suspended without pay last week, after federal prosecutors filed charges against six people for allegedly defrauding the city of $80 million.

In the wake of the growing scandal over the management and cost of CityTime, City Comptroller John Liu criticized Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In a letter sent earlier this week and released on Thursday, Liu said the city must do a better job of tracking contracts, especially for subcontractors.

The CityTime is a multimillion dollar software system that was supposed to keep track of city employees' hours and pay. It was originally budgeted for $63 million, but has since grown to cost more than $700 million.

Bloomberg had maintained that cost overruns are to be expected for large software projects.