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Monday, December 27, 2010

Brian Lehrer (Marco Antonio/WNYC)

Dear listener, today’s program is all about you. There are no guests. It’s an entire program dedicated to hearing your take on a variety of issues. The phone lines will be open for you to voice your thoughts, reactions, anecdotes, disagreements and more. So find a comfortable chair next to the phone, warm up your dialing fingers and go: 212-433-WNYC.



You be the reporter. What is the snow situation where you are? Listeners, call in to share your snow stories of this storm. And while you're at it -- any clever names for the storm? (So far, we like "Snowtorious B.I.G.")  

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Your Biggest Insight of the Year

Listeners, what was your biggest insight -- your "ah-ha!" moment -- of the year? What was your largest moment of revelation? Was it personal? Political? Creative? What inspired it in you? 

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The Big Story Elsewhere

Any listeners who from another country -- what was the biggest news story of the year from your country? What, to you, was the biggest news story from the U.S.?  Call in and share your perspective.

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What's In Your College Essay?

A special call-in for high school seniors -- are you at home working on your college entrance essays? What subject are you writing about? What was the question you have to answer? And how is it going?  Call and share your experience. Plus -- college admissions officers, we are keeping a line open for you to call in and give these college-hopefuls some advice.

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Radio Chatroulette: Answer and Ask

All day we've been asking you questions, now it's time for you to talk to each other. We'll try an on-air chain letter - chatroulette for radio. Call-in with a question - any question - you'd want to ask a stranger on the radio. Once they answer, they get to turn around and ask the next person a question. You don't get to ask unless you've answered first!


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