Re-imagining Christmas in 1941

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It was just a few weeks after Pearl Harbor and America had just gotten into War. “Hellzapoppin” is on Broadway, “Dumbo” is on the silver screen ... and America has just entered World War II, with the December 7th attack on Pearl Harbor still fresh in people's minds. Now Winston Churchill is visiting FDR in the White House, while Americans begin to grapple with what it means to be at war.

We imagine how ordinary Americans lived the news, the sports, and the movies at a pivotal moment in history.

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Also on the show: Christmas plans in South Korea continue despite saber-rattling from the North Koreans; Rafer and Kristen look at the weekend's movie offerings; a Swiss family with alleged CIA ties is arrested on nuclear proliferation charges; the BBC looks at getting around Bethlehem by donkey; and Natalie Cole discusses her favorite holiday music.