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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Madhur Jaffrey and Suvir Saran, chef of Devi, talk about the fundamentals of Indian cooking and how to make it at home. Madhur Jaffrey’s new cookbook At Home with Madhur Jaffrey: Simple, Delectable Dishes from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, deconstructs age-old techniques to help make Indian dishes part of our everyday cooking. And Suvir Savan talks about India Cookbook, the first comprehensive guide to Indian cooking, with over 1,000 recipes covering every aspect of India's rich and colorful culinary heritage.


Madhur Jaffrey and Suvir Saran

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senafan from Redding, CT

I have been cooking Ms. Jaffrey's food for almost 20 years now, and there's probably not been a day in that time that I haven't had at least one thing of hers in my refrigerator-- if not more. I will always be grateful to her.

Dec. 22 2010 09:51 PM
Laura from UWS

Leonard -- I'm glad you never had the experience I did in that nice little Italian restaurant on the Kings Road near your art school. A friend ordered whitebait, not knowing that it was going to be a plate of little fish with all their eyes looking up at her.
She covered it with her napkin, having lost her appetite completely after the encounter.

Thanks for all these wonderful programs. I'm happy that despite the difficulties in your life you have the possibilities for such rich experiences and friendships.

Dec. 22 2010 02:00 PM
Ted from manhattan

fun, but wish she would be quiet a bit and stop interrupting him.

Dec. 22 2010 01:56 PM

I work down the street from Devi and have been meaning to go.

Love listening to this show right now Leonard. Both guests are great.

Biryani used to be cooked for old armies in GIANT clay containers that would be carried by elephants. It's in Herodotus.

Cooking Indian in New York is just difficult because of ventilation, but ask any Lower East Side Hipster how essential places like Pak Punjab's is (Indian Taxi food)

Dec. 22 2010 01:52 PM
Brian Buchbinder from Greenpoint

Thank you Madhur Jaffrey. I've been cooking with her books for at least 25 years. My original "Indian Cookery" has turned brownish orange from the spilled mustard and turmeric. I've recently branched out into South Indian cooking, and the cookbook I've been using "Dakshin" reminds me of the high quality of Ms. Jaffrey's publications. Here recipes don't have the missing steps, phantom ingredients, etc, of many other Indian cookbooks. The first one I used, 35 years ago by Veerasawmy was almost, but not quite unusable.

Dec. 22 2010 01:47 PM
Melinda Hunt from Westchester

It would be really great if WNYC could come up with a map of locations where we can buy ingredients.

Dec. 22 2010 01:47 PM

What about menus? One of the more challenging issues when learning a cuisine is planning menus--dish selections or if we are thinking too "western" first course, second course consisting of starch, protein, vegetable...etc.

Dec. 22 2010 01:46 PM
Mark from Manhattan Chinatown

So many Indian restaurants in New York seem to be owned and run by Bangladeshis. But so few offer Bangladeshi or Bengali food. I'd love the opportunity to explore these cuisines, and I wonder why more restaurateurs don't go there on their menus.

Dec. 22 2010 01:45 PM
kathryn from Brooklyn

Can your guest recommend a good Indian Restaurant in NYC? Thanks.

Dec. 22 2010 01:38 PM
Tanuja from NJ

I recently returned from a trip to visiting family in Pune, India. I thoroughly enjoy cooking, but even being Indian, have always been afraid to cook Indian food. During this trip, I carefully watched my aunts cook in their homes & asked many questions. I was amazed by how quickly they could whip up simple yummy dishes. As I was observing and learning the technique, it very quickly made me feel more comfortable to try to cook it in my own kitchen in the US. And made me realize Indian cooking is not a difficult cuisine to cook. I look forward to confidently cooking more dishes.

Dec. 22 2010 01:36 PM
See from NJ

I learned how to cook Indian food from Madhur Jaffrey's books, staring with Introduction to Indian Cooking. The recipes are delicious and reliable and not especially difficult.

THANK YOU Madhur Jaffrey

Dec. 22 2010 01:32 PM
rebecca from Brooklyn

We love all of Ms. Jaffrey's cookbooks- particularly her "Quick and Easy Indian Cooking". At least one of these meals make it into our diet every week, and it always takes less than an hour to make. Can't wait to get her new book. Thank you!

Dec. 22 2010 01:29 PM

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