Elephant Micah

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Elephant Micah makes songs and tosses them, like messages in bottles, into the vast oceans surrounding Indiana.

Joe O'Connell has been performing and recording as Elephant Micah for ten years, creating songs gracefully poised between the poetic and the plain-spoken. In a rare visit to New York from his Indiana home, Elephant Micah joins host David Garland in the WNYC Studio to talk about and play his eloquent, understated music. He's joined by Beth Remis and Mark Trecka of Pillars and Tongues for a few songs.

This show first aired May 16, 2010.

Elephant Micah has made all the songs he recorded for the show available as a free download album.

Ambiguous Instincts

Loon Call

Hidden River Run

Wild Goose Chase

Detailed Cathedral

Queen of Rocky Ripple

Loop and Lil

Echo of an Echo

Still Life Blues


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Elephant Micah

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