"8 Things I Wish I Didn't Know" (An internet craze from The Takeaway and BuzzFeed)

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The 25 Random Things phenomenon that took over Facebook in early '09 is waning, in part because it's the nature of viral memes to slow down over time, in part because, well, it was getting a little irritating. To anyone who spends much time online, the 25 Random Things idea is as old as time, or at least as old as the heyday LiveJournal. We've all either received clueless email chain letter forwards from friends, or, let's be honest, forwarded them ourselves, and the idea that such a lame part of digital culture has morphed its way into the walled garden of Facebook is somehow galling. Earnestness tends to take a beating online, and 25 Random Things is nothing if not earnest. Earnest, and not particularly amusing, either.

But now that it's happened once, it's more likely to happen again. Already a host of similar chain notes have appear in the wake of 25 Random Things -- Google 8 Ball, Random iTunes Answers, One Word Answers -- that you can expect to be clogging up your News Feed for some time to come. They're variations on a theme: Numbered lists that give you a chance to reveal tidbits of yourself in a canned way, seemingly risk-free and somewhat pat, if also occasionally illuminating and even sweet. Plus, they tend to be kind of long and time-consuming to write (even, weirdly, the One Word Answers).

So let's try starting a new one, something shorter, easier, less earnest and possibly way more interesting. Feel free to grab the idea and post your own notes -- let's see if we can make this one take off.

8 Things I Wish I Didn't Know

Rules: Share 8 things you wish you'd never learned, heard, seen, tasted or smelled or otherwise came to know. Then tag 8 people whose 8 worst things you'd like to know, too.

1. Learned: Exactly how a hot dog gets created.

2. Seen: Al Pacino in "The Devil's Advocate."

3. Tasted: Swedish blood sausage.

4. Learned: How you get rid of an eye worm.

5. Smelled: The reek that comes with cleaning out a rat's nest.

6. Heard: The sound a human body makes when it hits the ground from a great height.

7. Seen: The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport after midnight.

8. Heard: The failed campaign song "Hillary 4 U and Me" -- that's nothing against Hillary or her campaign, I just really wish I had never heard that song. Even writing this now, the tune just appeared in my head again.

OK, your turn!

Scott Lamb is a senior editor at BuzzFeed.