Census Impact on Politics; Next Moves for Immigration Reform

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Protestor in Sombrero and Lucha Libre Mask, in May 2010
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The 2010 Census data are to be released later, and will determine how Congressional districts shift for the next ten years, and the Senate's being blocked from voting on the "Dream Act" means advocates for and against immigration reform will regroup for next year. Also on the show: Why we do (and don't) give to charity during the holiday season; last night's lunar eclipse and winter solstice; a new book maps the history of the transatlantic slave trade; listeners send in their favorite (and least favorite) holiday music; remembering Frank Zappa on what would have been his 70th birthday; the politics of poverty and a mountain of coal ash in Tennessee; real lawyers write on the legal ramifications of fictional comic book heroes and villains; members of Marcy Playground on Christmas music from TV specials.