Party Band Invasion


High energy party bands invade this New Sounds program. We'll hear from the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble out of Boston, the MarchFourth Marching Band from Portland, OR, and the Chicago-based party band Mucca Pazza (Mad Cow.) When your numbers are some 15-30 strong, the band can't help but be a rollicking good time wherever they go. Plus, there's some Balkan music by way of Brooklyn and Berlin, along with Cajun-klezmer group The Zydepunks from New Orleans to keep the party stomping. With luck, there's enough space for Orchestre Baobab and Krakatoa as well.

PROGRAM #2989, Party Music (First aired on Tues. 10-06-09)





17 Hippies

El dorado

La zona drom [5:18]

Buda Musique 860179

Mucca Pazza

A Little Marching Band

Coat Czech [4:27]

Order from

Slavic Soul Party

Live on Soundcheck, 10/2/09

Baltika [3:02]

This recording not commercially available. The tune appears on "Taketron"
Barbes Records 0023

The Zydepunks


Papirossen in Gan Eden [4:25]

Nine Mile Records 0112

17 Hippies

El dorado

Uz [3:40]

See above.

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble

Year of the Snake

Sun Ra: A Call for All Demons [6:57]

Innova #599*

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Alyo [3:02]

Honest Jon’s Records 042 OR

MarchFourth Marching Band

Rise Up

Ninth Ward Calling [5:22]

Orchestra Baobab

Made in Dakar

Ndéleng Ndéleng [5:40]

Nonesuch 433788


We Are the Rowboats

Spiral Dive [3:58]

Cuneiform Rune 168