Southern Sudan Secession?; Gauging Public Support for War in Afghanistan

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Southern Sudanese rally on the streets of the southern capital, Juba, on December 9, 2010, in advance of a landmark independence referendum.
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Southern Sudan will hold a referendum on whether to secede from Northern Sudan, and a new poll finds 60 percent of Americans think the war in Afghanistan "isn't worth fighting." Also on the show: New documents show officials in Congress worried about overly cozy relations between oil companies and safety regulators in the year leading up to the BP oil disaster. "Tron: Legacy" fans and detractors debate the movie's merits (or lack thereof); we speak with one of the few people who has donated multiple organs and lived to tell the tale, and we wrap up our week's series on American Values with a conversation about the concept of "freedom," and how it's evolved over time.

Takeaway managing producer Noel King sits in for Celeste.