Music for Solo Piano


"Solo" can mean several things, including playing inside on the piano strings, preparing the instrument, and even just playing on the keys.  We’ll hear all of the above, in music by Jon Balke, John Cage, Stephen Scott, Hauschka, and Hans Otte.

PROGRAM # 2870, Music for Solo Piano (First aired on Mon., 11/17/08)





John Cage/ John Tilbury

Sonatas and Interludes

Sonata No. 1, excerpt [1:30]

Explore Records 0004

John Balke

Book of Velocities

Chapters 1 & 3, excerpts [10:00]

ECM 2010

John Cage / John Tilbury

Sonatas and Interludes

Sonata No. 5 [3:30]
Sonata No. 2 [1:30]

See above.

Stephen Scott

Vikings of the Sunrise: Fantasy on the Polynesian Star Path Navigators

Vikings of the Sunrise, excerpt [9:00]

New Albion 84



Barfuss durch Gras [4:00]
Heimat [3:30]

Fatcat 1308

Hans Otte

Book of Sounds/ Book of Hours

Book of Sounds, Part 11 [9:00]
Part 1, excerpt [1:30]

Celestial Harmonies 12069