Health Officials Support Ousting Espada from Soundview

Senator Pedro Espada continues at the helm of the community health clinics he founded. But state authorities say allegations against Espada mean he should step down.

Attorney General and Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo has accused Espada of using the Soundview Healthcare Network to enrich his family. Espada has pleaded not guilty.

In the meantime, Espada continues to be the CEO and President of Soundview, which consists of five clinics across the Bronx. Cuomo is seeking to remove Espada from the network he founded more than 30 years ago.

A spokeswoman for the Health Department says it supports the removal of Espada, even though Soundview clinics have passed inspections and, according to the Department, deliver healthcare to an under-served population. Health inspectors found two violations in the last two years. Both were corrected. 

Calls requesting comment from Soundview and Espada were not returned.