Police Believe Serial Killer May Have Dumped Four Bodies On Long Island

Suffolk County's police commissioner says investigators are considering the possibility that a serial killer may have dumped four bodies found along a beach road in Babylon, near Cedar Beach on Long Island.

The bodies were found within a quarter mile of each other. Two of them were found wrapped in burlap. Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said the bodies appear to have been tossed out of a vehicle. "It appears that they were thrown out of a vehicle into the foliage into the area that's off the roadway so that they wouldn't be seen," he said.

The bodies were found over the last three days. One discovery was made as a police officer was conducting a search of the area in response to a missing person report for an alleged prostitute from Jersey City.

Dormer said it could be some time before the bodies are identified. "It could be weeks or months before we identify the four people that were found over the last few days," Dormer said.