Deadly Medicine: Overseas Drug Testing

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vanity Fair contributing editors Donald L. Barlett and James Steele talk about the rise of pharmaceutical testing overseas, where it’s cheap and regulation-free. In “Deadly Medicine,” in the January issue of Vanity Fair magazine, they look at the issues this latest step in globalization raises.


Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele

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DT from New Jersey

Can anyone provide me with a scientific reference to the statement made by one of the quests, that the medicine work on 50% of people? I would appreciate that. Thanks!

Dec. 17 2010 09:18 AM
a g from n j

it is laudible what these men are exposing.
however,the biggest tragedy here, is the notion, that, synthetic drugs, are a viable formula for health. here,in so called, third world countries, or, on the moon. the collective brainwashing, by big pharma, and, big, "brave new world ads", has made us think, that health, is, in a pill. so this, by definition, is something of a flat earth society, discussion.

Dec. 16 2010 12:49 AM

Ordinarily I respect and appreciate the topics and people you feature on your show, Mr. Lopate. However, you and your guests from Vanity Fair have done a great disservice to your listeners and they to their readers in their misinformed, error-filled diatribe against the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA. Because of the required brevity, I cannot describe the many mistakes and distortions they spout. As in any large scale enterprise there will be some rule breakers and incompetent actors, but in this setting they are very few and far between. From the vantage point of having spent 30 years in the industry and in non-profit healthcare settings, and having dealt with FDA staff extensively, I can tell you that your guests have insulted and vilified some of the most earnest, hard working, honest and caring scientists, physicians and regulators. You owe it to your audience to invite one or more guests who can provide a balanced and accurate perspective on the conduct of clinical trials and the development of medicines worldwide. A rebuttal is sorely needed to set the record straight.

Dec. 15 2010 10:03 PM
ellenb from nyc

The guest mentioned canada and europe don't allow tv drug ads. Important, but We need some info on how European countries run their drug studies. Do they go overseas? Do they protect the study subjects. Do they lobby lawmakers. Do they pay them off. Do their publically financed election systems prevent such corruption? Regarding this issue of drug misrepresentation or anything else to earn big profits. Without contrasts and examples from other countries where this dosn't happen, we lack total understanding of what we are actually doing, and what reforms are possible.

Dec. 15 2010 02:56 PM
Taher from Croton on Hudson

HughSasom, I am right there with you. May be it’s best for this country to come out of the closet and end this Charade know as “democracy” and have a corporate Junta.

Dec. 15 2010 01:57 PM
Paul I. Adujie from New York, United States

We too spoke about Pfizer's shenanigans ... we spoke right and we feel vindicated by all these leaks...

1. Kano-Nigeria Versus Pfizer Pharmaceuticals; An Update. Wednesday, 08 August 2007

2. Kano-Nigeria Versus Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Dec. 15 2010 01:09 PM

Mr. Lopate raises the issue of class actions suits.

Remember that American companies are lobbying hard in Congress and in courts to _bar_ class actions or, at least, to make it very very difficult to bring class actions.

1. Companies evade law.

2. When the fail in evasion, companies seek immunity via Congress, the executive and courts.

3. Companies - literally - buy political representation.

4. Companies lobby to bar the public from legal challenge.

And on and on.

Dec. 15 2010 12:37 PM
Michelle from LIC

What are the chances that these impoverished people used as guinea pigs will actually be able to afford these treatments when they are brought to market?

Dec. 15 2010 12:30 PM
Taher from Croton on Hudson

Leonard ask your guests what kind of lobbying tactics are used by the drug companies on the FDA ? Members of the FDA on take, vacations, money, what?

Dec. 15 2010 12:28 PM

We need to get off our drug dependence! Humankind came along millenia before big pharma - and many societies had sophisticated, efficacious healing modalities. An MD recently told me, for example, nobody knows if suncreens work. FDA and USDA are both run by big pharma and big agra aided and abetted by congress

Dec. 15 2010 12:20 PM

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