Diplomat Richard Holbrooke, Remembered

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Richard Holbrooke, US Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, took part in a discussion on International security in the southern German city of Passau on November 12, 2010
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American diplomat Richard Holbrooke died last night; his foreign policy career spanned more than forty years as he worked under President Johnson and every Democratic president since. Also on the show: A federal judge in Virginia contradicts two other courts in declaring a provision of President Obama's health care reform law unconstitutional; Congress moves slowly forward on the recent tax cuts deal; Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi faces a confidence vote in Parliament; RNC Chair Michael Steele announces he'll run again; Julian Assange's native Australia reacts to his imprisonment; history of the holiday bonus check; FCC says most American broadband connections are too slow for the name; what Americans mean by "family values," today.