Bloomberg Headlines Launch of 'No Labels' Group for Independents

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Be sure to tune in to the Brian Lehrer Show today at 11:40 to discuss No Labels, and then join an online chat at Noon to help build a Moderate's Manifesto┬╗┬╗

No Labels, but a lot of bold-faced names. Stars from politics and punditry will be at the Monday launch of a new independent group that's looking to seize the center of the national political debate.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is capping off several days of national media appearances by headlining the kick-off. Also on the schedule are Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Evan Bayh of Indiana, New York Times columnist David Brooks and MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. About 1,000 activists from all 50 states make up the audience.

No Labels' stated mission is to get over party labels, push past ideological gridlock and "solve problems," an echo to Bloomberg's calls for "common sense solutions."

On Meet the Press on Sunday, Mayor Bloomberg continued to adamantly deny any plans for 2012. "I want to go out being, having a reputation as a very good, maybe the greatest mayor ever," he said.

The No Labels group, on the other hand, is gunning straight for the next presidential election. Also scheduled to attend the launch: the College Republicans and Democrats from Iowa and New Hampshire.

Live video from the No Labels Conference