Claude Lanzmann on the 25th Anniversary of “Shoah”

Friday, December 10, 2010

Claude Lanzmann, director of “Shoah,” discusses the film’s 25th anniversary. The nine-and-a-half hour landmark documentary, considered one of the greatest films ever made on the Holocaust, and it features interviews with survivors, bystanders, and perpetrators in 14 countries, and also visits places where the crimes took place. It opens in New York December 10th at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and on December 24th at IFC Center.


Claude Lanzmann

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ron from flushing

mr. lopate you mention that there was never another holocaust . pol pot in cambodia was said to make the nazis work seem civilized.

Dec. 12 2010 12:08 PM
michael from new york city

What is quite surprising that the Poles and others were and are, willing to believed German and Catholic propagandas that “the Jews are evil and have stolen their money” . . . there are many stories from Poland telling how deep deep rooted, and may I say brain washed as children to believe it to be (erroneously) true. Worst are the frightful stories of the returning survivors of Auschwitz and other extermination camps being gun down and murdered in Poland so that the squatters could keep their spoils of war/hate. .to the great shame of the good and honest Poles . . . .so what are we the by standers to make of this ?. . .there seems to be an note of ‘see we did help you ‘ about the letters sad when you think of the moral and final outcome. . . .And you wonder with tongue in your cheek that atheism, loss of faith is growing faster than predicted.

Dec. 11 2010 10:00 PM

Lanzmann’s SHOAH claims falsely that Polish authorities “refused” support to the Warsaw ghetto uprising. But here is the report by head of the Polish underground, Stefan Korbonski:
"The Home Army delivered to the Jewish Fighting Organization 1 light machine gun, 2 submachine guns, 50 handguns (all with magazines and ammunition), 10 rifles, 600 hand grenades with detonators, 30 kilograms of explosives (plastic, received from the air drops), 120 kilograms of explosives of own production, 400 detonators for bombs and grenades, 30 kilograms of potassium to make the incendiary 'Molotov cocktails' and, finally, great quantities of saltpeter needed to manufacture gun powder. The Jewish Fighting Organization also received instructions on how to manufacture bombs, hand grenades and incendiary bottles, how to build strongholds, and where to get rails and cement for their construction." (Korbonski, The Polish Underground State, Hippocrene 1981.) Reviewers are cautioned. Lanzmann must correct this.

Dec. 11 2010 04:22 PM
Margaret from Gillette, NJ

The film Life Is Beautiful, contrary to Mr. Lanzmann's statement about it, does not convey the message that life is beautiful at all but that the human spirit, in the face of incredible and overwhelming evil, is beautiful in its will to love, hope, and protect in the midst of darkness.

Dec. 10 2010 03:01 PM
Mike from Tribeca

Please ask Mr. Lanzmann to address his oft-spoken and bizarrely egocentric assertion that the Holocaust is too horrible a subject to address in film and elsewhere, except when it is he who is doing the addressing.

Dec. 10 2010 12:49 PM

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