Rut or Recovery: Safe Space

The Rut or Recovery project is gathering your stories of economic troubles and signs of progress. Many economic questions are difficult to discuss out loud with friends and family, so we're creating a "safe space" of sorts. Call in and discuss some of the unspoken economic concerns you have and share tips, stories, and advice with fellow listeners.

How do you balance shopping local with shopping cheap?
What's the policy for tipping during a holiday recession? Have your end-of-year giving habits changed?
Are you not suffering as much as others? Do you feel guilty, or as if the recession isn't actually affecting you?
What's the line between watching your money and being stingy?

What other conversations or questions do you not talk about in public, but want help with? Adam Davidson of NPR's Planet Money helps field your calls, and joins for an online "safe space" chat at noon.