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Thursday, December 09, 2010

We’ll look at the situation along the U.S. border with Mexico, where huge numbers of people, drugs, and weapons are smuggled daily. Then, have you been to any of the new green spaces in places like Times Square recently? Witold Rybczinski will talk about where our ideas about what cities should be come from. Also, Tales of the City author Armistead Maupin discusses the latest installment in his series. Plus, our Underreported is all about the UN climate conference in Cancun, and our Backstory segment looks at the EU bailout of Ireland!

Ed Vulliamy on Amexica

Ed Vulliamy talks about travelling along the Mexican-American border, from the Pacific coast to the Gulf of Mexico, from Tijuana to Matamoros, and witnessing corruption, all-out civil war, and beauty and resilience. In Amexica: War Along the Borderline, he describes how the narco gangs work: how people, weapons, and drugs are smuggled back and forth across the border, why the middle-class is fleeing Mexico, and he writes of the heroes, villains, and victims of the border frontier.

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Makeshift Metropolis

Professor and Slate architecture critic Witold Rybczynski discusses how current urban planning ideas have evolved from 20th century movements such as City Beautiful, the Garden City, and the ideas of Frank Lloyd Wright and Jane Jacobs. In Makeshift Metropolis: Ideas About Cities, he looks at urban planning for the twenty-first century—creating a new kind of city with mixed-use developments, downtown living, diversity, density, and liveliness.

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Armistead Maupin's Mary Ann in Autumn

Armistead Maupin, author of the bestselling Tales of the City series, discusses Mary Ann in Autumn, the eighth book in his series. It tells the story of Mary Ann Singleton, who left her husband and child in San Francisco to pursue her dream of a television career in New York. Twenty years later, she’s returned to the city of her youth and into the arms of her oldest friend, Michael.

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Underreported: Cancun Climate Change Talks

Global talks on climate change have been underway in Cancun, Mexico for days now. New York Times columnist Andy Revkin tells the latest on what’s happening and why expectations have been so low this year.

Andy Revkin NY Times columnistAndy

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Backstory: Europe’s Shaky Economy

Last week, the European Union voted to help bail out Ireland’s government, hoping that it would help calm the markets. Matthew Bishop, the U.S. Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief for The Economist, explains whether the EU has succeeded, has helped stabilize the markets, and why investors continue to be worried about Spain, Portugal and Italy. Plus, a look at what the current crisis means for the future of the Euro.

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Our Best Books of 2010

Leonard Lopate talks to a lot of authors on his show and like many of our listeners, the staff often ends up reading them too. Here's a list of the books that were published in 2010 that stood out to the staff of the Lopate Show and to other folks at New York Public Radio.

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Guest Picks: Witold Rybczynski

Find out what Witold Rybczynski is listening to right now.


The Best Books We Read in 2010

Most "best of" lists look at the books that were published in the last 12 months, but many of the memorable books that you read aren't necessarily new. Here's a list of the best books that the staff of the Leonard Lopate Show read in 2010 that were published earlier. And other folks at WNYC were kind enough to share their picks as well. 

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