#3145: Osvaldo Golijov's 50th Birthday Tribute

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For this New Sounds, we mark the 50th birthday of the Argentinian-born American-based composer Osvaldo Golijov, who has -not once but twice- made John Schaefer's complete biased look at the top ten records of the past decades or so.  Golijov is an artist who is not afraid of unusual sound sources-both new and old, borrowing freely, incorporating electronics, hyperinstruments and/or processing, and he also plays well with others. 


Listen to "La Pasión según San Marcos" (Passion According to St. Mark), a work that draws on Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music, a re-telling of the passion story.  Then there's also "K'Vakarat," which features a cantor, and draws from Golijov's Eastern-European Jewish upbringing.  We'll also hear other major works like "Ayre" and "Oceana," along with the piece called "Radio," commissioned by and written for WNYC.

PROGRAM #3145, Osvaldo Golijov’s 50th Birthday Tribute         (First aired on 12/05/2010)                                                





Kronos Quartet, Mikhail Alexandrovich, cantor

Night Prayers

K'vakarat [8:16]

Nonesuch 79346

Robert Spano, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra / Atlanta Symphony Chorus, Luciana Souza, vocalist

Osvaldo Golijov: Oceana

Osvaldo Golijov: Oceana- Call [3:29]
First Wave "Oceana nupcial, cadera de las islas” [1:29]

Deutsche Grammophon 4776426 www.deutschegrammophon.com

Dawn Upshaw, The Andalucian Dogs

Osvaldo Golijov: Ayre

Golijov: Ayre
 Mananita de San Juan (Morning of St. John's Day) [3:56]
Tancas Serradas a Muru (Walls are Encircling the Land) [2:57]

Ariadna en su Laberinto (Ariadne in Her Labyrinth) [9:15]

Deutsche Grammophon 4775414

Jeremy Flower, laptop, Michael Ward-Bergeman, hyperaccordian


Private Recording, WNYC Archives

Golijov: Radio [7:45]

This performance not commercially available.

Osvaldo Golijov
Biella Da Costa · Jessica Rivera
Reynaldo González-Fernández
Schola Cantorum de Venezuela
Orquesta La Pasión
Members of the Simón Bolívar
Youth Orchestra of Venezuela
María Guinand

La Pasión según San Marcos

Golijov: Kadish - La Pasión Según San Marcos [6:51]

Deutsche Grammophon 477 7461