American Tales (Weekly Podcast)

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Listen to some American tales on this New Sounds program.  We’ll hear the mesmerizing 11-minute reflection, “Another Day In America” as delivered through Fenway Bergamot, Laurie Anderson's wise and witty “Voice of Authority” alter-ego and more of her musical and lyrical medititations on America in the 21st century, from her recent "Homeland."  Also, Jerry Granelli’s “Twenty Questions for an Outlaw” uses the persona of Billy the Kid, and is something like an “audio movie or play,” with text by actor/playwright/singer Rinde Eckert.  We’ll hear their blend of ambient jazz and spoken word, and much more.

PROGRAM #3114,  “Looking for America,” American Tales   (First aired on 9/13/2010)                                                       





Laurie Anderson


Another Day in America [11:25]

Nonesuch 524055

Jerry Granelli/ Rinde Eckert

Sandhills Reunion

Like a Ghost in the Grass [4:05]
Nolan [7:03]
Last Light [5:34]

Songlines SA1553