Qatar Beats Out U.S. for World Cup 2022

Another American bid, another rejection.

After losing out on the 2012 Olympics bid for Chicago, the United States learned today that the 2022 bid for the soccer/football World Cup went to the Gulf state of Qatar. The tiny Middle Eastern nation, population 1.7 million, beat out competing applications from Japan, Australia and the US.

If the American bid had been selected, New Yorkers would've had front row seats for the festivities, with the Meadowlands stadium one of several venues around the country expected to play host to games. But Qatar became the first country in the Middle East to land the event, in part by promising to build a number of air-conditioned outdoor stadiums to deal with its 100 degree-plus temperatures.

Mayor Bloomberg expressed disappointment.

"It's sad, because soccer -- European football, as opposed to NFL football, what we call soccer -- is one of the biggest growing sports."

The economics, he added, don't favor American bids.

"There were a number of people who tried to put together a (local) bid," he said. "It is very hard for America to get an event like the Olympics or the soccer World Cup, because America has a lot of costs built into it that a lot of places just don't have. We try to enforce our laws on people when they come here, there's nothing wrong with that, but that does turn off a lot of international votes."