Where you at? Foursquare maps it out

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There’s a new web tool that’s getting a lot of buzz right now called Foursquare. It's a program that encourages you to “check in” with the system whenever you go to an interesting – or mundane! – place with your cell phone. This sends an alert to your friends telling them where you are and what you are doing. It may sound like that other tool that is hogging the news feed these days – Twitter – but it’s not. There are no pithy comments or creativity required. You just passively check in and all your friends find out. But our friend and blogger, Scott Lamb, thinks this simple act of finding out what people are doing also makes the world a better place. He is the senior editor at Buzzfeed and he joins us to discuss this new trend.

For more, read Scott Lamb's blog post, The absurd satisfaction of playing Foursquare.
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