Gil Marks on Jewish Food

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Gil Marks discusses the many different forms and variations of Jewish food, and the history of kosher laws, Jewish rituals, and holiday traditions. His Encyclopedia of Jewish Food  is a comprehensive, A-to-Z guide to Jewish foods, recipes, and culinary traditions.


Gil Marks

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ken from brooklyn from Brooklyn

Yes we were thinking the same, however don't you think he's already aware of this? This does not affect his expertise and is a irrelevant triviality that before the internet would not have ever spread beyond a person's passing thought.

Dec. 01 2010 05:45 PM
Brooklyn Man

When I first heard this on the radio, I though that Gil Marks voice was a woman with a New York accent. Then when I found out it was a mans voice, I could not belive it.

Dec. 01 2010 04:58 PM

great! Hillarious! loved it, made me hungry, I think I have to go out and get some borsht, kasha, bagels, latkes, blini, jelly donuts ("suf gonny ot") and whatever else is in reach

Dec. 01 2010 02:01 PM
CL from New York

Wow! One of the most informative shows I've heard in a long time. Fascinating (if exhausting)!

Dec. 01 2010 01:56 PM
laurie kimmelstiel from White Plains, NY

When cooking latkes, do I use milk or meat frying pan? do I need to use pareve pan for my veggies so I can serve with both a meat meal and later with a dairy meal?

Dec. 01 2010 01:51 PM
Anna Ryzhikov from Teaneck, NJ

Borscht is an old Slavic word for beets.

Dec. 01 2010 01:46 PM
Linda Feller

If you want great BOILED bagels, just come to Brooklyn. The bagel store on Kings Highway, between 17th & 16th street are really delicious

Dec. 01 2010 01:46 PM

Can this guy talk a little slower? I can't understand what he's talking about because I'm not familiar with those terms he uses.

Dec. 01 2010 01:44 PM
danny from Woodbridge NJ

Where did the jelly donut eating custom at Hannukah come from?? Seems I only get the craves for them at this time of year.

Dec. 01 2010 01:44 PM
Cookie Monster from Sesame Street

Check out Baby Bear's Hanukkah family favorite recipe for applesauce here:

Dec. 01 2010 01:44 PM
john from office

Oye Vey, this mans voice!

Dec. 01 2010 01:36 PM
Tequila Minsky from soho

what about bagels in've left out the great bagels in detroit

Dec. 01 2010 01:32 PM
Elaine from Baltimore

YES, as an ex-Montreal, living in Baltimore, Montreal has the best bagesl! THey are boiled in malt syrup before baking which imparts a wonderfully sweet flavor and onlt baked in a wood burning oven. (Hi Gils- Elaine from the old Elaine's Grains)

Dec. 01 2010 01:32 PM
Bill from Brooklyn

Is there a significance of serving certain foods to certain people? For instance this morning Mayor Bloomberg held a Bagel Breakfast.

Dec. 01 2010 01:28 PM

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