Supporters of 9/11 Health Bill Hope Exhibit Rallies Votes

Supporters of the federal 9/11 health bill hope a week-long exhibit in Washington, D.C. will help them rally the votes needed to push the measure through Congress.

The badges of 29 NYPD officers who succumbed to diseases after the attacks are now on display in the Senate Russell building rotunda. In a statement, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said she brought the shields to Washington to highlight the importance of passing the bill to her Senate colleagues.

The $7 billion measure would provide health care and compensation to those sickened by toxic dust at Ground Zero. It's named after James Zadroga, an NYPD officer who died from 9/11-related health issues. Tens of thousands of people could potentially be eligible for coverage.

The House has already passed the measure, and supporters are hoping to push it through a lame-duck session of Congress, fearing they'll have a tougher time trying to do so when new lawmakers take their seats in January. Many Senate Republicans have expressed concern about the bill's cost.