So Far, So Good for Travelers This Holiday Weekend

On Wednesday morning, Port Authority officials said the good weather had kept flights on track. The Transportation Security Administration said the lines had been moving smoothly at the region's airports, despite word that passengers would protest new full-body scanners at security checkpoints.

The TSA's Merissa Meolla said "For now, there's no reason to modify pat down procedures passengers must go through if they forgo the full-body scanner. If you look at the threat, the threat is out there," said Meolla. "We are intelligence driven and risk based and these changes are justified for the intelligence that is out there presently."

The lines got long at Spirit Airlines Wednesday morning, when computers went down and travelers had to check in manually. Passenger Sheldon Rosenthal took it in stride. "It's great. It's about a block line and it was fun because there was a pretty girl behind me," Rosenthal said. 

Spirit Airline's kiosks were restored at about noon and the lines let up.

The Port Authority says this holiday weekend more people are traveling through the region's airports than last Thanksgiving. The Authority anticipates a 3 percent increase in airline travelers, including a 5.5 percent increase at LaGuardia.

The Port Authority has put extra staff in red jackets in the airports to help holiday travelers.