Newark to Lay Off 167 Police Officers November 30

Newark Mayor Cory Booker says 167 city police officers will be laid off as planned on November 30, after police union leaders rejected an alternative proposal to help offset the city's $11 million budget gap.

"We are in a very painful period for the city, the state and the nation as a whole, as we navigate the weakest economy in over 70 years," Booker said in a press release. "Every city employee is making profound sacrifices, and the only group that has made no concessions is the Fraternal Order of Police."

The layoffs had been scheduled for Monday of this week, but Booker delayed them until next Tuesday, so members of the Fraternal Order of Police could review the proposal.

The one-year plan sought to eliminate officers’ uniform allowance and stress pay, and reduce overtime, replacing it with compensatory time. Booker said the plan would save the city an estimated $9.5 million, helping to close the municipal budget gap for 2011 and avoid layoffs.