Reading the Civil War in Real Time

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Smoke fills the air after several cannons were fired during a civil war reenactment in Naperville, Illinois
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It's easy to think of the Civil War and remember only the big battles and major lessons we learned in grade school: the nation in its worst period of polarization, and an unseasoned president, Abraham Lincoln, struggling to mend a nation literally, not just rhetorically, at war with itself.

But imagine being able to experience the events and elections that led up to the Civil War in real time, at the day-by-day pace at which they originally happened. That's what Jamie Malanowski is making a reality. 

Malanowski is the lead writer on the "Disunion" blog for our partner, The New York Times. It's a running blog that uses contemporary writing, diaries, images and historical assessments to follow along with the Civil War, 150 years later.