Black's College Transcript is Blacked-Out

The state education department released Cathie Black's transcript from Trinity College in Washington as part of her application to become New York City Schools Chancellor. But no grades were provided.

The transcript reveals that Black took biology, English, French, Italian, theology and philosophy courses while an undergraduate at the all-women's Trinity College (now co-ed and called Trinity Washington University). She also studied abroad in Rome through a program with Loyola University in Chicago. But because of federal privacy laws no grades were included, just credits. The section on the transcript for grades was redacted with a black marker or pen.

New York City Department of Education spokeswoman Natalie Ravitz was asked by WNYC whether Cathie Black would voluntarily release her grades.

"I'm declining to release her transcripts," Ravitz responded by email.

When asked why, Navitz repeated, "Because I'm declining to release them."

The New York Times recently obtained Chancellor Joel Klein's transcripts and wrote that he got high marks for the most part at Columbia College and Harvard Law School, but earned an A and two B's when he went to New York University's education school.

Black's application for the job of Chancellor was also sent to the state's education department, with redactions for privacy reasons.