Latest City Budget: Hundreds of Jobs Being Cut Across Agencies

The mayor's latest budget released Thursday shows across the board staff cuts, including the elimination of 350 civilian police positions, 200 Department of Sanitation jobs and 6,166 teaching positions.

This budget is the ninth round of cuts the city says were required to shrink a $3.3 billion deficit to $2.4 billion.

The city says this budget compensates for a loss of $853 million in federal stimulus funds for the Department of Education, which expires at the end of fiscal year 2012.

The budget also includes a $20 million reduction in funding to libraries, including "reducing the average days of service per week by approximately one day per week citywide."

In a statement, Bloomberg says the cuts are necessary because, "We face a significant challenge for next year, as Federal stimulus dollars run dry and the city still suffers from the impacts of the national economic downturn." 

The labor groups DC 37 says it has written to Bloomberg and asked him to not balance the budget on the back of its workers. "Everyone should be asked to pay their fair share. The city’s workers should not be asked to bear the burden of this financial crisis," said spokeswoman for DC 37 Zita Allen in a statement.