DeBlasio Says Landlords who Lease Space to City Should be Held Accountable for Violations

Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio says the city needs to hold landlords with multiple housing and safety violations accountable for their fines. Especially those who also get millions of dollars from government agencies.

While assembling a list of the city's worst violators, DeBlasio says his office found that David Bistricer, a principal owner of Berkshire Equity LLC, which owns the Flatbush Gardens Complex, has multiple violations but also leases office space to the city.

"That means that the city believes that he's got an unsafe environment for his tenants and yet that hasn't stopped the city from reconsidering weather they want to give him these lucrative leases from office space," DeBlasio says.

But Marc Daly, spokesman for the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, says the city is locked into leases signed long before Bistricer and Berkshire Equity were the property owners. And he says officials are working to withhold permits, licenses and payments to those who do not pay the city what they owe.