Longtime Coney Island Business Turn To The Law For Help

Eight of the 9 businesses who were supposed to be packed and moved out of the Coney Island boardwalk by tomorrow are staying put for now and fighting their evictions.

Longtime spots such as Ruby's Bar and the 'beach eats' stand Paul's Daughter say they're not going down without a fight. Michael Sarrel of Ruby's says they've hired a lawyer who has experience winning landlord-tenant disputes in Coney Island. They say the landlord, Central Amusement International, misled them when it had them submit elaborate business plans, when, they believe, the company never had any intention of renewing their leases. Tenants also say they've been left in the cold by the city who actually owns the land.

A spokesman for the landlord says their goal is to revitalize the boardwalk by investing millions of dollars and bringing in businesses who can attract visitors year round. Current tenants have been informed that if they're not out by Thursday, eviction proceedings and fines will begin.