#2858: Stories from the City at Night

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Composer/guitarist Pete M Wyer presents "Stories from the City at Night" for this New Sounds program.  The work is a unique mix of storytelling, song, sound design and scored music, with help from pianist Matthew Shipp, cellist Matthew Sharp, and actress Jenny Agutter, alongside many cameo appearances (including one by host John Schaefer!)

PROGRAM # 2858, with Pete M Wyer (First aired on Thurs, 10/23/08)





Pete M Wyer

Stories From The City At Night

Rain At Night, excerpt [5:00]
Subway Nightride [7:00]
Dina’s All Night Diner
excerpt [2:00]
Here I Am [2:30]
Pier 45 [9:00]
Pray For Me [6:00]
Imprint [2:30]

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