President Obama's Jakarta Speech: Reactions

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President Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta on November 10, 2010.
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President Obama continues his Asia trip this week with a stop in Indonesia, to emphasize American ties with the Muslim country. In a speech to Indonesians last night, the President sought to highlight those bonds; he did so by recalling his time growing up in Jakarta. Did Obama succeed in reaching out to Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population in the world?

We speak with Takeaway contributor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, author of the new book Green Deen: What Islam Teaches Us About Protecting the Planet, as well as Hussein Rashid, Professor of Religion at Hofstra University and editor of online religion and culture magazine "Religion Dispatches," for reaction to the tone and rhetoric of Obama's Jakarta speech. We're also joined by Rully Dasaad, a businessman and former classmate of President Obama in Indonesia.