Mayor Bloomberg Signs Domestic Violence Bill

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By early next year, the city will be posting online statistics on the number and type of hate and domestic violence crimes. Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito says the localized data will empower neighborhoods to take action.

"Community boards can get involved, local organizations can come together. We want to see these statistics, as unfortunate as they are, you want to have them in your face, so we can really be aware.”

Mark-Viverito co-sponsored the bill requiring the data be released. Mayor Bloomberg signed it into law on Monday.

He says making information about these crimes more available will help “hold government’s feet to the fire” when it comes to policy making.

The statistics on domestic violence and hate crimes will be posted on the My Neighborhood Statistics Web site, launched by the city in 2002. The information will be searchable by police precinct and school district.