Delayed Dreams and Low Pay for the Malemployed

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We all know the words unemployment and underemployment, but are you familiar with the term "malemployment?" Chances are, even if you don’t know the word, you know some who’s suffering through it. Malemployment, unlike underemployment, isn’t about workers having too little work. It’s about college degree holders working jobs that don’t require college degrees. 

This happens to be the case for a huge percentage of the population in their twenties right now, including twenty-five year-old Mark Jack. Mark has a college degree in literature, but is employed as a barista and bartender in Brooklyn, New York. The Takeaway’s work and personal finance contributor Beth Kobliner is here to explain more about malemployment…how to cope with it, and whether it has to spell the end of professional dreams for those who are grappling with it.