Assignment: The Way We Say Things

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Is it "PEE-kan" or "pee-KAHN"? "MO-bill" or "mo-BYLE"? The way we pronounce words is changing all the time and we're trying to track it. In the U.K., the British Library is trying to record how British accents are evolving by sending people to special recording booths. We think think it's worth doing with American accents, and we're suggesting The Takeaway iPhone app to do the recording.

Here's the assignment: Record yourself or someone you know saying a word that you think sounds different from the way most people say it. Is there a word that people correct you on all the time? Or is it one that others have trouble understanding? Record it and send it to us.

Download the app here.

If you don't have an iPhone, you can always call our message line, 877-8-MY-TAKE (877-869-8253).