#2857: Musical Miniatures

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For this New Sounds, listen to Bobby Previte's "The 23 Constellations of Joan Miro."  It's a set of 23 musical miniatures, buoyant responses to each of the colorful, whimsical, and sensual "Constellation" paintings by artist Joan Miro.  That and other music for large ensembles, including the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, Relache, and Jon Balke and Magnetic North Orchestra.

PROGRAM #2857, music for large ensembles (First aired on Tues, 10/21/08)





Bobby Previte

The 23 Constellations of Joan Miro

Sunrise [3:00]
Escape Ladder [2:00]
Women and Birds [2:00]

Tzadik #7072** www.tzadik.com *

Jon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra

Diverted Travels

Machinery [4:00]
Nutation [3:30]

ECM #1886. www.ecmrecords.com *

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble

Forked Tongue

Minor Vee [5:30]

Cuneiform #269 . www.cuneiformrecords.com *

Bobby Previte

The 23 Constellations of Joan Miro

Women at the Border of a Lake Irradiated by the Passage of a Swan [2:30]
The Beautiful Bird Revealing The Unknown to a Pair of Lovers [2:00]

See above.


8-Point Turn

Sophia Serghi: Electra [2:00]
Joseph Koykkar: Panache [3:30]
Sophia Serghi: Electra reprise [2:00]
Gavin Bryars: Creamer Etudes, excerpt [10:00]

Meyer Media #8010. www.meyer-media.com or www.relache.org