Marathon Preparations

Friday, November 05, 2010

The NYC Marathon is this Sunday, and we take calls from listeners who are watching or running. Plus, Lauren Johnston, who writes the Running Dialog blog for the Daily News, helps helps plan the first ever Brian Lehrer Show Marathon Meet-Up.

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Carol from Brooklyn

Bob, I'm surprised and a little dismayed to hear you say the phrase "It's a Free Country" is "borderline offensive" and "revolting" without giving any reason as to why you think this.

And Dave, even though BL listeners associate it with the political blog, I don't think it's an inherently political -- or even necessarily patriotic -- phrase.

It is incredibly common, and is used everywhere from subways to sports arenas to schoolyards. And, while it is frequently seen as an expression of American pride (which, perhaps, is what Bob finds objectionable), it is just as often used as an excuse for offensive American behavior.

And rather than being too long, I think it is just long enough to be distinctive. Plus, the "E" sounds will carry very well.

My guess is that non-BL runners will be amused or confused by it; or they will tune it out altogether as they will have more important things on their minds.

Nov. 05 2010 06:02 PM
Dave B from NJ

I will be volunteering at mile 24, giving out water, Gatorade, & encouragement to all runners for the last 2 miles!

And I agree with Bob from Brooklyn - "it's a free country" is a long, clunky phrase that seems an odd choice for an international race (and why choose the name of a politics blog?).

Like Bob, I will be shouting encouragement to any WNYC runners I see... just not with that phrase.

Best of luck to Lauren Johnston (who's been very helpful with her Marathon coverage via blog and Twitter) and to all the other NYC Marathon runners!

Nov. 05 2010 01:27 PM
Joe Con from Manhattan

Our band "Squirrels From Hell" will be making our 22nd appearance at the marathon this year. We've played at mile 19 in front of the Thomas Jefferson Community Center (1st Ave at 113th St.) for most of that time, and it's a great spot to see the race: no crowds, and BATHROOMS! We have a friend from Florida who runs the race but stops to play a song or two on harmonica with us before he goes on to finish the race. It's a free country!

Nov. 05 2010 12:04 PM
Henry from Katonah

Rex Doane has a great radio voice.

Nov. 05 2010 11:59 AM
bob from brooklyn

it's a free country"-TERRIBLE idea. borderline offensive, people from all over the world come to this, i would never ever ever shout that to a group of international visitors, i'ts revolting. bad name for the blog as well, by the way.
and good luck to all runners! i will cheer you on, but not with those words...

Nov. 05 2010 11:55 AM
Laurie Lewis from in Chelsea (manhattan)

My phone just died, or I would call in. My number is 40990.

It is my first marathon and I am 47 years old.

Training for the 26.2 has been the most exhilarating experience of my life.

I will be wearing a tshirt that says, "YOU ARE AMAZING" on the back for all the people who are behind me.

I LOVE you guys!!!!!

Laurie Lewis,

Nov. 05 2010 11:51 AM

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