Bloomberg Gives Cuomo a Reality Check

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Mayor Bloomberg criss-crossed the country in the runup to the election, endorsing a raft of candidates. Most of them won; in those cases where his picks lost, he was gracious to the winners he'd opposed. As for the governor-elect of New York, whom he also backed, he said Andrew Cuomo's "the man" and would do a great job. But his main message to Cuomo was this: This is Albany, so don't get your hopes up.

"I think that Andrew Cuomo is going to have his hands full," said the mayor, in the Bronx. "Andrew ran on a campaign of 'I'm gonna change it, I'm gonna fix it.' I think that Andrew has all of the talents to do so," but also noted Cuomo didn't "have all the tools he’d have liked" to accomplish reform.

The mayor conceded his disappointment at the losses suffered by several candidates he'd backed: Republican Dan Donovan, who lost in the state Attorney General's race to Democrat Eric Schneiderman, and Republican Harry Wilson, who lost in the state Comptroller's race to incumbent Tom DiNapoli.

He was also disappointed at the loss of one-term congressman Michael McMahon, who managed to turn Staten Island into a Democratic district in 2008, but lost yesterday to Republican Michael Grimm. The district has historically been held by the GOP.

"Partisan politics gives the incumbent, or representative of the majority party such an enormous advantage," said Bloomberg. "It is very hard to break through that. And he did last time, but didn't this time."