The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Physics professor James Kakalios explains complicated science through comic books and science fiction. In The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics: A Math-Free Exploration of the Science that Made Our World, he gives the basics of quantum mechanics using the work of Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, and Isaac Asimov, examples from Superman, X-Men, Star Trek, and The Incredible Shrinking Man, and plenty of illustrations.


James Kakalios

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thats not true hover helicopters can be miniaturized to form jet packs same principle

Nov. 04 2010 12:58 PM
Mike from Tribeca

Good question about Superman, Leonard. Never understood how he could catch Lois Lane while she was falling from a skyscraper and not snap her back as well as break his own arms.

Obviously, the principle of every action having an equal and opposite reaction doesn't apply to comic books.

Can't wait to read this book!

Nov. 04 2010 12:58 PM

Will Prof. Kakalios go on to tell the even stranger story of quantum field theory?

Nov. 04 2010 12:52 PM
nuy from ny

under provability, string theory seems to be bs, no?

Nov. 04 2010 12:52 PM
nuy from ny

under provability, string theory seems to be bs, no?

Nov. 04 2010 12:52 PM
Sonne Hernandez from Bushwick

Can your guest talk a little about the 1996 findings that electrons act diffrently when being observed....I am a painter who is currently working on the theory that humans are viruses and that the "consciousness" of electrons relate to a social connection to human "consciousness" or one could say "self- consciousness". I know this is big but curious for his ideas on this

Nov. 04 2010 12:48 PM
Amy from Manhattan

Do the spectroscopic readings for compounds reflect the elements they're composed of?

Nov. 04 2010 12:48 PM
John from Queens

How does the fine structure constant maybe NOT being a constant, effect QM?

Nov. 04 2010 12:46 PM
Mike from Tribeca

Does Professor Kakalios have an opinion about how new agers, like Deepak Chopra, misappropriate the term quantum mechanics?

Nov. 04 2010 12:35 PM
j from bklyn

always one of my favorite moments in diamagnetism >> levitating frogs. enjoy.

Nov. 04 2010 01:03 AM

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