New Yorkers Start Writing Cuomo's To-Do List

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It's the day after Andrew Cuomo was elected Governor of New York State, and New Yorkers are hoping he'll hit the ground running. On the Brian Lehrer Show, listeners flooded the phones with '30 second postcards' for the Governor-Elect. Popular issues were hydrofracking, gerrymandering, marriage equality, and job creation. Here's a selection:

"Congratulations and I'd like to recommend that he continue his efforts to fully repeal the Rockerfeller drug laws." —Peter in Flushing.

"The system is systemically broken. If necessary, convene a constitutional convention and fix gerrymandering." —Lee in Scarsdale.

"I would like to urge him to take a stand against hydrofracking in upstate NY, to protect the drinking water of NY, and the water table of NY. He refused to take a stand while he was running, I would like him to do so now that he is our governor elect."  —Lisa in Manhattan.

I'd like to congratulate Governor Cuomo and call on him to put into place an energy solution for NYS that will allow us to finally take our aging nuclear power point on the Hudson, Indian Point, offline. —Tracy in Sleepy Hollow.

I also want Governor Cuomo to be a leader in the environmental community in NYS. I want him to ensure that there's a moratorium on the hydrofracking in the Marcellus Shale until a complete environmental review can be done, and to beef up the DEC and the environmental protection fund as it was originally designed, so we have enough oversight and keep our air and water safe. —Paddy in Yorktown Heights.

Please do what you think is right, don't necessarily listen to the polls. Listen to your heart and listen to what you know.  —Sam in Forest Hills.

I want him to allow the sale of wine in all grocery stores. I want those franchise fees to help balance our budget. —Melanie in Manhattan.

To allow for ballot referendums, like they do propositions in other states, and let the people tell him what to do every now and again. —Andy on Long Island.

When in doubt, please have a good long talk with your father, a much admired man.  —Doris in Manhattan.

Governor, the world has moved on. So don't be like your father, we can't afford his policies today. —Bob in Manhattan.

Andy, Governor Cuomo, I wish you the very best, but you must tax the rich the way you tax me and everyone that's a middle class working person in NYS, so that we can have equitable tax payers. —James in Manhattan.

I look forward to perhaps bringing your attention to the tenants in rent stabilized apartments in the city, I think we're suffering a great deal from the power that the landlords hold over us and the conditions that we're forced to live in. —Rick in Chelsea.

I was really thoroughly underwhelmed by him as a candidate, in fact Carl Paladino excited me and that's all the more reason why I went out and voted for Cuomo. But I want you Cuomo to govern with the kind of verve and enthusiasm that this state so desperately needs, and I look forward to being excited by you as a governor. —Deforrest in Yonkers.

Keep CUNY affordable, and work on some sort of recruitment and retention for young black males in CUNY.  —Frank in Queens.

Please advocate for marriage equality rights for gays in NYS. NY is a leader and it's about time that we were a leader in these human rights. —Elspeth in Astoria.

On the Brian Lehrer Show, a caller named Johnny had the last word:

"I would like to ask him to create new jobs for the people, because most of these people who voted for him don't have jobs, so it is very important for him to create new jobs for New Yorkers."

Listen to the entire segment: