#3135: Sound and Music

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For this New Sounds, we’ll listen to works that play with sound and music, at the intersection where one leaves off and the other begins.  Hear the latest from Brian Eno, in collaboration with like-minded musicians Jon Hopkins and Leo Abraham, called “Small Craft on a Milk Sea.”  

Eno has said that “Small Craft” was born out of improvisations intended to conjure sonic “landscapes.”  Listen to Hopkins on keyboards, Abraham on electric guitar and Eno on everything else – studio effects, processing devices, and assorted keyboards.  We’ll also hear from Eno’s collaborator Jon Hopkins and his own record “Insides,” featuring keyboard and stray wisps of sound.   Plus, there’s music from the Austrian-American team of O + A, Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger, along with music from Germany’s Max Richter, all of which inhabit the netherworld between organized and unorganized sound. 

PROGRAM #3135, (First aired on 11/03/2010)





Brian Eno / Jon Hopkins/  Leo Abrahams

Small Craft on a Milk Sea

Small Craft on a Milk Sea [1:49]

Warp CD 207

Jon Hopkins


Vessel [4:30]

Domino DNO227CD www.dominorecordco.us
OR Download from emusic.com
Info at www.jonhopkins.co.uk

Bruce Odland & Sam Auinger

Requiem for Fossil Fuels, private tape

Agnus Dei [6:52]

Not yet commercially recorded.

Max Richter


Infra, selections [19:30]

FatCat records CD 13-11
fat-cat.co.uk OR

Brian Eno/ Jon Hopkins/Leo Abrahams

Small Craft on a Milk Sea

Slow Ice, Old Moon [3:25]
Lesser Heaven [3:21]

See above.

Jon Hopkins


Light Through The Veins [9:19]

See above.