Your Voices on Voting

Today is voting day and we've asked you to call in to tell us how you feel this election — and you did! 

Some of you say you're excited and energized after casting your ballot, but many of you are disappointed in the ballot itself and in the spirit of politics this election.




Here is more of what you told us:

I am hopeful. And my voting experience, though the print was very small, was much much better than the primary.

-- Tony Meola of New York

I went to vote this morning and it wasn't until I got to work after voting that a friend told me the referendum were on the back of the ballot. Nobody at the polling place gave me those instructions. It wasn't anywhere, so I feel like I've lost part of my right to vote but I guess that's how the cookie crumbles when you've got a new system and bad people implementing it.

-- Kyla Caperstein of New York

I don't really feel anything. It's really kind of sad. I'm just voting basically because fear has gripped so many people that it is making them act irrationally. I'm more voting against the fear of trying to let change work, than I'm voting for any other reason.

-- Alana I. of New York

Lonely. I was one of the very few people in the voting station and when the lady was turning to my name in the voting registry I realized that it was a very very thin book. In my estimation there should be more people out voting today.

-- Ben in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I'm an immigrant who came to America ten years ago and my grandma came to America about seven years ago. She got her citizenship a couple of years ago and today was her first time voting, she's 87, and it was just a great thing to see her vote and she was very proud. We both came from Russia, so I just wanted to say, it's an amazing country and it's great that we can vote, even if we do have so many problems right now.

-- Elena

I feel okay about voting, I guess it was a necessary evil. I can't say I am happy with any of the candidates. I will say about my polling place, all the signs stating "Vote Here" had arrows pointed to a gate and this gate had a giant padlock on it. I did rap on the glass and finally had somebody come outside and let me in through a side entrance that was not accessible to the public, so I don't know how many people just walked away from voting today.

-- Northeast Williamsburg

I was in and out of there in less then fifteen minutes, it was really impressive and very well handled by the people working at the site and they were very friendly also. Bit discouraged about the whole election but very excited about how well run the site was.

-- Hillary, voting at Winsdor Terace PS 10, Park Slope, Brooklyn

It felt really good to vote, it always feels good to vote. It's a privilege and I'm looking forward to the end of this day and find out how things have gone.

-- Liz Rudnick, Upton, Massachusetts

I feel like I exercised my Constitutional rights as a citizen and took part. But otherwise I don't feel that politicians in either party have any concern for what's happening to us, the rank and file of America.

-- Glenn Beatty

Whenever I leave the polls I feel like I have at least done something for my country. I'm a little dissapointed because I am afraid not enough people are out there voting and there's a lot of negativity in the country. I pretty much decided not to vote for anyone who wrote a negative ad, therefore I wrote in a lot of candidates.

-- Laura Kennedy

My voting experience actually was great. It was really good considering we shifted to a new voting system. I'm actually happy to have also included my parents, in getting them out to vote also. So I was really happy and proud about that.

-- Bill, Queens, New York

Fabulous. It was a great experience with my children. They were worried that we didn't have time, but it was great to show em that that's our civic duty and that they should make time.

-- Maria Theresa McNeilianta, White House Station, New Jersey

I enjoyed the voting experience, but the voting is like voting in a Third World country. Why can't we have a screen where we can just press a button on the name that were your interested in? Why do we have to go through such a procedure in order to vote?

-- Leah

I had a problem today voting. The election workers did not inform me of the back of the ballot so I completely missed seeing the term limits issue and the other issue that was up for a vote. Which I I feel that I was basically left out of, which I find very irritating.

-- Anonymous

The polling stations are pretty easy, I don't know what everybody is talking about. The little machine that pulls your card in, it went right away, I had no problem. I feel pretty good about Cuomo so I didn't vote for him. I voted for Howie Hawkins.

-- Anonymous

I just voted and it feels wonderful to have participated in the democratic process. I split my ticket, I voted all over the place -- Republicans, Democrats, Working Families Party, write-ins.

-- Anonymous

It was very easy. And I saw that the poll worker was like, a little free with looking at the ballots when she was putting them through the machine, although I don't think she meant any harm. But I just put mine through myself.

-- Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Voting felt very strange not pulling the lever.

-- Lauren Heller

Was a bit confused and upset when voting, because I was handed the paper ballot, went to the privacy station, opened the folder, and found that I'd been given a ballot that had already been filled out by someone in pen. The circles for the senators, comptroller, and the house races were filled in already, and I noticed them, but I very easily could have not noticed them. So I had to return it and get a new ballot and nobody could explain why I was given a ballot that was already filled in.

-- Patrick Berry

I feel like I just took the S.A.T. again. It was so long and I couldn't remember half of the issues that I was voting on. I did vote totally democratic down the ticket, but I completely froze up when it got to the non-partisan voting part of it. So, I hope I did okay. I hope I did as well as I did on the S.A.T. I'm just so happy it's over.

-- Anonymous

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