Republicans Reps Likely to Return to Close 2008 Districts

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In 2008, the Obama wave swept across the country, bringing Democrats to districts that had been Republican strongholds for decades. Democrats acquired a 75 vote majority in the House of Representatives; they currently hold the majority of Representatives' seats in 33 states, compared to Republicans' 16 states.

This year, the electoral tide is shifting and all signs point to Republicans taking back the House during today's election. The first districts likely to go Republican will be those former stronghold "swing seats," such as Ohio's 6th and 18th Districts and Colorado's 3rd, 4th, and 7th Districts.

Joining us to talk about those races and the effect the changes will have are M.L. Schultze, news director for WKSU in Northeast Ohio, and Bente Birkland, reporter for Rocky Mountain Public Radio.