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The 10 Best Grammy Moments in Vines

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From Yoko Ono's dance clinic to Pharrell's social-media savvy headwear, here are the best Grammy moments distilled just for you.

10. Beyoncé with a brandy snifter in hand. Like a boss. 

9. In your face Spinal Tap: Katy Perry executes the pod entrance without incident.

8. Best new artiste: Lorde's stoic reaction upon winning Best Pop Solo Performance.

7. Robots getting emotional: After winning Album of the Year, Daft Punk celebrates with a robot bro hug.

6. Moves like Metallica: Before the metal band performed "One" with pianist Lang Lang, Taylor Swift did a little head-banging of her own.

5. Speaking of Taylor Swift... she's really got to work on that sore-loser face

4. Beyonce is Drunk in Love with Jay Z. They are drunk in love, and they don't have to prove it to you or anybody. But they're going to anyway.

3. Hardest working award: Like Pink's music or not, you cannot deny her Cirque du Soleil-inspired performance.


2. Pharrell's new category of headwear: Part Smokey the Bear, part Royal Canadian Mountie, Pharrell's hat won the Grammys (and now has its own Twitter account.)

1. YOLO Yoko: Nothing, we mean nothing, tops Yoko Ono's dance-off victory against Pharrell.