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Friday News Roundup

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A week of mixed messages over General Michael Flynn who – despite losing his job – was described by the president as a "wonderful man", the stock market hits a new high and Disney decides to drop YouTube's biggest star. Also, there's shock at the killing in broad daylight of Kim Jong-un's brother and Moscow worries the West by putting missiles where they said they wouldn't. Two panels join Joshua Johnson to discuss the week's top domestic and international news stories. Guests in the domestic hour include Byron York, chief political correspondent at The Washington Examiner, Ruth Marcus, deputy editorial page editor and columnist at Washington Post and Reid Wilson, national correspondent at The Hill. Guests in the international hour include Courtney Kube, national security producer at NBC News, Christian Caryl, editor of DemocracyPost at Washington Post and Yeganeh Torbati, a reporter for Reuters covering foreign policy.