06-26-2014- Marketplace- World Cup Underpants

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General Motors is recalling some Chevy Cruze sedans because of a potential problem with the airbags. The Cruze is GM’s best-selling vehicle in North America, and this is just the latest in a string of GM safety issues. Is this the tipping point where the recalls start hitting GM’s bottom line? Plus, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency yesterday released a study showing that banks are making riskier loans. They’re making them indirectly to individuals in the form of auto loans, and directly in the form of so-called covenant-lite loans. We look at what these loans are, why they’re risky and what it means for the economy. Also, sponsors pay big money to put their names on team gear. So when one Brazilian player peeled off his shirt to reveal he was wearing the wrong underwear, it was more than something funny to talk about. We look at the serious business of sponsorship—and product (mis)placement.