05-15-2014- Marketplace- The Report Card

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The starting point of the F.C.C.'s current rule-making is the apparent need for rules. And a starting point for that is Netflix alone comprising more than a third of all internet traffic because of streaming video. What's the effect on the system from giant users like Netflix and YouTube? Plus, the NCAA announced its plans to penalize more than 30 colleges for poor academic performance by their scholarship athletes. All are relatively small institutions, none in the wealthy power conference, and many are historically black colleges. We look at how the how the NCAA's academic support for athletes works. Also, Jill Abramson was let go yesterday as the executive editor for the New Yor Times. But before she was dismissed, her bosses brought in an executive coach to work with her. Executive coaches have become something of a fixture in companies, but do women have different issues to men?