Jacob K. Javits

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Senator Jacob Javits of New York in the 1950s.

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

Gabe Pressman hosts. Rep. Jacob K. Javits, candidate for Attorney General for the Republican state ticket against Franklin Roosevelt, Jr.

College newspaper editor panel: Martin Birmingham of Washington Square College and Fred Goldsweig of the Heights Campus of NYU


Legitimacy of bribery charges against Averell Harriman by Senator Irving Ives. Mr. Roosevelt's consisted absence from Congress roll calls. FDR, Jr.,'s ties to Tammany Hall. The problem of Communism, comments by McCarthy against the Democratic Party. Unemployment. Ability to work closely with Senator Ives. Specific points against FDR, Jr.'s record.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC archives id: 71915
Municipal archives id: LT3004