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This award-winning show, created by Philadelphia station WFIL in 1950, invited big names to wax patriotic for three to four minutes. The show had a wide range of guests, and though the emphasis was on liberty and freedom, there are moving testimonies and some candid criticisms.

Some of the show's episodes were compiled on two 16-inch transcription discs from which these audio files come from, courtesy of the Andy Lanset Collection.

ET No. 1 - Side A
Cut No. 1. General Hoyt S. Vandenberg [on peace]
Cut No. 2. Harold Stassen [on religion and the UN]
Cut No. 3. Sigmund Romberg [on opportunity]
Cut No. 4. Helen Keller [on equality]

ET No. 1 - Side B
Cut No. 1. Francis Cardinal Spellman [on physical beauty and human spirit]
Cut No. 2. Charles F. Brannan [on abundance, freedom and brotherhood]
Cut No. 3. William L. Green [on social justice]
Cut No. 4. Gordon Dean [on the American people]

ET No. 2 - Side A
Cut No. 1. Tom C. Clark [on justice]
Cut No. 2. Hazel Scott [on racism]
Cut No. 3. Eleanor Roosevelt [on opportunity and freedom of expression]
Cut No. 4. Eric Johnston [on opportunity]

ET No. 2 - Side B
Cut No. 1. Robert A. Taft [on liberty]
Cut No. 2. Robert Montgomery [on freedom]
Cut No. 3. Elmer Davis [on freedom of the mind]

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